• We would also seek volunteers, mentors, guides who can interact with the hostel students and add value to their career and individual growth in communication
    and lives.
  • Donations for book in various engineering disciplines and clothes for the needy hostel students are highly encouraged.
  • Donations in terms of used furniture, computers and laptops and food provision,Vegetables, and Oils are also highly encouraged.
  • Please contact the following for the same - Donations Coordinator at:
Shri Chiranjeevi Rao Garu 8019286991
Shri Simha Rao Garu 9490739320
Shri PVK Prasad Garu 9866007940
Shri Narahari Garu 9010827913
Shri Ramachander Polapragada Garu 9246877202
Shri Ramakrishna Polapragada Garu 8106116633
Shri Srinivas Polapragada Garu 9246555235
Smt Mani Bhagavathula Garu 49767269