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Management of the Hostels

The Hostels are managed by the students themselves under the supervision of Trust members and Well-wishers

The operating systems are as under:-

  • 1. There is no sweeper, cleaner, cook or care taker for the Hostels. All these chores are attended to by the students.
  • 2. Separate groups are formed for cooking, cleaning, sweeping, purchases, cash handling and general supervision, on rotation basis.
  • 3. The Trust provides the money and the purchases are made by the concerned group members among the students.
  • 4. Accounts are rendered along with vouchers for the money received, at the end of each month, and fresh amount is drawn for the following month.
  • 5. Preparation of the list of selected candidates in order of merit.
Contacts with Ex- Students:-
  • 1. It is a matter of great satisfaction that most of the students who passed out of the Hostels are doing well whether in further studies or in employment.
  • 2. It is left to the discretion of the individual ex- student to remain in contact with the Hostel /Trust.
  • 3. Some of the ex-student do visit the Hostel and maintain contact with the Trust and mentor existing inmates. They have even made financial contributions to the working of the Hostels.
  • 4. We have a active directory of the old students who have passed out and are in contact with one another through technology - FaceBook Group of the trust, SKYPE connect at all the four hostels and a Whatsapps Group where students interact, suggest mentor and guide their present hostel inmates.
  • 5. An alumni was formed last year to celebrate April 24th as Founders Day in memory of Sri P.V.M.Krishna Rao, Founder.